Raw Head Productions will be releasing a new Distribution Channel for independent filmmakers that focuses on TV/Web Series in 2016. Think of it as Netflix-meets-Hulu, minus the ads and only for original content. We’re focused on creating a distribution channel that actually allows filmmakers to earn enough money to continue telling their stories every season.

Our new channel will differ from existing channels in 5 key ways:

  1. We’ll actively market and advertise each original series that shows exclusively on our channel to increase viewership
  2. We’ll offer filmmakers a cut in the subscription revenue based on popularity of their original content
  3. We’ll track and analyze the metrics around how viewers interact with every series and provide audience engagement insights to the filmmakers
  4. We’ll co-produce new seasons of original series that the metrics indicate have great potential, but which aren’t quite reaching the viewership heights they deserve
  5. We’ll set audience engagement thresholds that, when reached, allow us to authoritatively pitch the filmmakers and their original series in production deals to several major Hollywood production houses for Network reboot or new show development

If you’re a filmmaker who would like to have your series considered for the first wave of original content, please contact us.