Original Content

Raw Head Productions creates and produces original content in the form of films and series. These are stories that comes from the heart of the Raw Head team and truly represents storytelling that cuts close to the bone.

The Last Book Shop - The Last Book Shop is a short film about an elderly man racked with dementia in a war-torn Middle Eastern city who carries a secret he can’t remember until he crosses paths with a wandering street magician who may hold the key to unlocking his memory. He summons the magician to his home under false […]
THE MAGI - THE MAGI is an indie feature film about a street magician who brings light and laughter to the children of a war-torn desert village by showing them the power of imagination and introducing them to a foreign concept called hope. The children clamor to see The Magi's best trick ever, which becomes his greatest struggle when he’s branded a sorcerer by local militants.
The Thirteenth-and-a-half Floor - Bradley is just looking for a decent job, some new friends and maybe some down time to contemplate his existence. He gets more than he bargains for when he answers a Craigslist ad for a temp job the week before Halloween. This is a Transmedia experience!